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In the early summer approaching, ugg boots draw inspiration from Marrakech to the unique exotic interpretation of 2013 Miss Xia Ji, men's and children's series: playful gorgeous eye-catching style with brilliant colors complement each other, exquisite craftsmanship and useful features throughout the full range of features for the upcoming summer brought abundant fun with vitality. May 1, 2013, the fifth anniversary of the brand off the foot of China and the 35th anniversary of the establishment, UGG Australia for the Chinese fans "tailored" the Chinese official website will be on-line and launched a new sales channels, across the board on the official online shopping platform . Deckers Outdoor Corporation Asia-Pacific e-commerce director Mr. Liu Yongcheng In announcing the plan, said: "UGG Australia has been looking forward to launch its own e-retailing business platform, China's booming luxury goods online shopping outlook gives us confidence in the market at the same time We also hope that through this platform to the brand of fashion and lifestyle concept to pass out, so that consumers really from UGG Australia to hear the sound. "UGG Australia is an American lifestyle brand of high-end, high-quality selection of materials for its establishment a luxurious and comfortable brand reputation, high standardized technology, constantly passing out innovative design style. UGG is recognized as a leading fashion brand, with shoes, bags, accessories, clothing full range of seasonal products, but also bring a new American leisure lifestyle concept. 2013, UGG invited British national idol, the famous football quarterback Tom Brady become the new spokesperson for the global movement of men who love life and bring unique fashion and masculinity UGG footwear and apparel, accessories. Wearing UGG footwear not only prove that you walk in the fashion front, also reveals your life philosophy and attitude towards life. cheap uggs use only the most precious wool skin to build, is the starting point for the brand and classic, but also all the comfort and functionality of natural products based; but the brand has never stopped the pace of today's UGG Australia is the only true luxury and comfort in a melt of high-end lifestyle brand, to include snow boots, sandals or clogs and other boys and girls all kinds of shoes, clothing and accessories as well as complete product lines to pass the UGG Australia unique family of high-end lifestyle experience.

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Since 1978, from a pair of warm and comfortable sheepskin boots started, cheap ugg boots in the global sphere symbol for leisure fashion lifestyle to continuous innovation and quality comfort all the way from the West Coast into the star-studded London, UK, in the conquest of the discerning fashion After sweeping the globe rushed capital; into China five years on the occasion, UGG has become a pop icon, fashion elite and the pursuit of quality of life of people chasing the object. Mr. Liu Yongcheng spoke: "The new Chinese official website will continue the 'most UGG' comfortable, relaxed, fun shopping experience fingertips to synchronize shared with the global UGG family 'distinctive' of the 'sheep' goods." UGG Australia online shopping platform also offers free mail order service across the board, and will soon launch an exclusive limited edition products, online shopping sales to bring special surprise; Meanwhile, UGG Outlet Store Wuxi UBP is the second Beijing Yan Sha Aolai, Shanghai Qingpu Ole after the country's third boutique discount stores, product coverage to the season, boys and girls footwear, accessories and apparel line series, with UGG wool boots swept the world, wooden bottom boots and other fashion star product as the main line, discounts up to 6 - 7 fold; brand classic elements will be numerous UGG fans Wuxi meticulously rendered unique American casual fashion choices, UGG products provide the same comfort and luxury shopping experience. Classic Men's UGG Slipper Collection continues UGG Men series of unique quiet and gentle temperament, Olson and Lyle launched two new casual shoes, suede and rubber soles and other details designed to make outdoor and indoor activities equally comfortable and lightweight, as was clear fine, autumn gift to a lazy and comfortable; while retaining a classic shoes Alder Ascot style based on the "burden" of wool inside, more suitable for everyday or business casual men's wear autumn. As a popular British high-end global lifestyle brand, ugg boots cheap for its quality selection of materials and high technology to establish a standardized and comfortable luxury brand reputation; wearing UGG footwear not only prove that you walk in the fashion front, also reveals your life philosophy and attitude towards life.